The Internet: Why Bother?

popsci95gmReading an article recently about the history of the internet got me thinking about how it has made my job as an illustrator easier and more convenient in so many ways. The article also made me think about how far technology has come in a relatively short period of time.

Nearly twenty years ago, I did my first-ever illustration for Popular Science. Check out one of the headlines on the cover of that issue, “The Internet: Why Bother?”. Too funny. And look at that digital camera on the cover! By the standards of today, it’s as portable as a boat anchor. Looking forward to what the next twenty years will bring.



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2 responses to “The Internet: Why Bother?

  • curtspannraft

    Amazing, isn’t it? I’m sitting here right now working on a project at 11:00 pm in Chicago, e-mailing back and forth with my client who lives in Boston. When we’re done, I will e-mail him the high res final files. In fact, most of my clients are spread around the country and I’ve never met them in person.

    The internet is the reason I’m able to do this for a living and to be able to serve clients thousands of miles away.

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